How to use InstaSurvey for evaluating talks

User clicking on InstaSurvey at a conference

InstaSurvey for Talks

In the area of talks InstaSurvey can be used to evaluate a talk on different parameters and in different ways. When speaking about talks it is worth mentioning that we think about talks as single events where the audience enters and leaves a single room often through a small amount of exits. Another characteristic is that the audience often have very little commitment towards the speaker, or the event itself, and therefore is less likely to spend time completing more elaborate surveys – which is why InstaSurvey and its simplicity is great for this context!

InstaSurvey was initially designed especially for this situation and we have tested InstaSurvey in this area several times.

The effects of InstaSurvey




Our advice

Regarding the ways of using InstaSurvey in this context we recommend setting InstaSurvey up by the exit door of the talk or handing out the tablet to be sent around to the audience, depending on the size of the audience and the venue. We also strongly recommend not letting the speaker hold the tablet since it may seem intimidating to the audience to evaluate the speaker right in front of him/her. Read more about the different ways to use InstaSurvey here: Ways to use InstaSurvey.


The general advice for questions is always to keep the target group in mind while focusing on what you want to get feedback on. Short and easily understandable questions are always recommended to be consistent with the general simplicity of InstaSurvey.

Here are some examples of questions used in the area of talks:

Step 1 Step 2
Step 1 Step 2

As the examples shows, the question can be simply mentioning the part of the talk you wish to get feedback on, e.g. “The poem reading” and “The talk as a whole” or “Entertainment value” and “Difficulty level”. This is possible since the rating parameters (stars, smileys and thumbs) are very self-explanatory and therefore further instructions are rarely necessary.

Real life examples

During the development of InstaSurvey it has been tried out several times by different organizations and for different kind of talks.

Public Science Lectures at Aarhus University
Here it was used to adjust the difficulty level of lectures from day to day and get feedback on the overall audience satisfaction.

Single speaker
The speaker in this single event talk, wanted to know if his talk was recommendable to others since he was considering selling it to companies and therefore needed to know if it had enough value (which it did!).

SIDeR 2013 conference
InstaSurvey was used at the annual conference SIDeR to evaluate keynotes and a workshop to see if the attendants felt they had been relevant to the theme of the conference.

Talerøret (a company selling student talks) has used InstaSurvey for evaluating their talks internally and to send the feedback to their clients, which often isn’t attending the talks themselves.