InstaSurvey examples

Simple questions for great results

A great thing to have in mind when design your questions is that the longer the question the longer it takes to answer it. That is why you should always aim for the most simple and direct way of asking a specific question.

If you look at the example of a survey for a conference talk, you will see the questions “Entertainment level” and “Difficulty level” are short but without meaning but together with the stars, smiles and context provide clear questions, it is therefor not necessary to write eg. “What level of entertainment did you find the talk” or “How was the difficulty level of the talk”

How to present your questions

If you are in the situation where you need to ask four or more questions, then you need to consider how you are going to present the survey to your surveyees or maybe should divided them into multiple surveys.

To help discern if your survey is going to work on your particular Android device, use the preview function available both during creating of a survey and from that survey’s overview

Additional examples of surveys

Example of a small business survey Example of a restaurant food rating survey
Example of a student happiness survey Example of a conference talk survey