Ways to InstaSurvey

User is setting up InstaSurvey

During our tests with InstaSurvey in different context we have found several ways to use InstaSurvey to gather votes from audiences and attendees. On this page you can read about three overall different ways of gathering votes. These methods is based on using a tablet.

Standing with the tablet

Standing with a tablet having a person holding the tablet, presenting the screen to the surveyees is the most simple and perhaps most effective way to use InstaSurvey. When you are holding the tablet, you can make eye contact with surveyees to attract them and move around in order to be at the best possible position. You can also directly engage people by saying, “Excuse me, would you help me by completing this simple survey?” but most of the time that is not even needed.

Standing with the tablet often results in a very high answer rate, as people gladly would like to help you.

When I am using InstaSurvey this way I always feel my mood go up, as people are often happy to help and feel that they are listened to when they are able to provide you with their opinion. Often I also get an extra comment about the event that I am evaluating which I memorize or write down.

HINT: One thing you have to think about when standing with InstaSurvey is not affecting the results. People become affected by your charisma, so if you smile too much or seem too grumpy you can bias the results. So wear something anonymous and let your most emotive face stay at home. Also if it is the performer being evaluated, it is a good idea not to let the performer hold the tablet as it can be difficult for the surveyees to give their true opinion.

Tablet Stands

Tablet stands are a simple and easy to use alternative if you do not have any free hands to hold forth the tablet or if InstaSurvey is to be available for longer periods of time. Furthermore a stand often allows you to plug in your tablet to a power source so that you can continue InstaSurveying without worrying about the battery level.

Several tablet stands are available. There are tablet stands that can stand on a table, larger tablet stands that can stand on their own on the floor and wall mounted tablet stands.

Table stands

If you want to make InstaSurvey available at your reception in order for e.g. evaluating the service, then you could use a tablet stand that can stand directly on the table. A vast number of such tablet stands are available and with the price ranging from only a few dollars for a portable solution to 200 dollars for a sturdier tablet stand. The low price and huge diversity might make the table stands the best solution for new InstaSurvey users.

Floor stands

Do you need to make InstaSurvey available in eg. a lobby, or just want to give your survey some more focus? Then a floor stand might be the right solution. You can acquire a floor stand for around 50 - 250 dollars. Though they can be bought cheaply, we do not recommend getting one of the cheapest as they are no good at resisting the forces being applied when people click on the tablet.

Wall mounts

If you need a permanent solution for an InstaSurvey setup then a wall mounted casing is a great solution which also offers great security for the tablet.

When buying a tablet stand we urge you to consider the material and the construction that you need for your business. Old ladies that have never tried to touch a tablet before tends to put a lot of force behind their click, and a kid might try to grab the tablet instead of clicking on it.

If you are using a tablet stand, it is most likely that you at some point must leave it unattended and you should consider the possibility of theft. Most floor stands and wall mounts are equipped with a lock that allows you to lock the tablet stand onto something. If you are going for a table stand, you might want to specifically search for one with a Kensington lock.

HINT: Do also take a moment to check if the tablet stand offer the possibility of hiding system buttons. You do not want surveyees to restart the tablet and enter Facebook. If you have a tablet with an on-screen menu that you cannot hide adding a few layers of insulating tape might just do it.

HINT: A tablet stand can seem less attractive to the surveyees. Adding a colorful sign above the tablet stand or leaving footprints on the floor showing people the way to the tablet stand attracts more people.

Passing the tablet around

Sometimes the simplest solutions works the best. Simply passing the tablet around to surveyees, e.g. in a lecture room, works great.

If you are giving the lecture, just take a second before you reach the final slide to say, “Please help me by answering this survey. It only takes a second” and then pass the tablet out to your audience. People will then vote on InstaSurvey while you do your sum-up and you can have InstaSurvey back with all the answers the moment you finish your talk.

InstaSurvey is also great as a conversation starter.

If you want to make a more in depth evaluation of an event then grab a memo block, a pen and InstaSurvey, and you are ready to go. Walk around at the event and initiate contact to your surveyees by saying e.g. “Excuse me, may I have your opinion about this event?” and showing InstaSurvey. When the surveyee clicks on the tablet, take notice of the vote and you can start by asking more in depth questions about surveyee’s votes.

HINT: You get the most valid results if the surveyor is not directly related to the event/speaker and if the surveyee knows this. If you are e.g. the manager then the conversation can easily turn into an uncomfortable enquiry.