This page contains the pricing models of InstaSurvey where we offer five different models so we hope one can fit your need*.

InstaSurvey comes with a package of 100 free votes so you can try it out right away.

If you are evaluating larger events you should consider buying extra packages of votes or sign up for a subscription. The payment is handled through in-app purchase and Google Play using Google In App Billing. To see the different pricing models in the app, simply click “MANAGE VOTES AND SUBSCRIPTIONS” found in the menu.

Subscriptions offer unlimited surveying with payments either monthly or annually. You can cancel a subscription at any time. To mange your InstaSurvey subscriptions visit InstaSurvey on Google Play in your browser or on your android device.

Packages contains a number of votes. A vote is used when a user votes on a question. But don’t worry – you can always collect more votes that you have bought – the results are just not updated until enough votes has been bought.

Unlimited InstaSurvey Votes

We have two different subscription periods:

Packages of InstaSurvey Votes

We value charity, social and environmental innovation and would feel proud to help. So if you are a non-profit organization or NGO, please send us an email so we can arrange for you to get InstaSurvey for free!

* The prices and packs may be subject to change and may also vary depending on your country and Google Play.